Oo, where did you get that idea?

Oolery Jewelry began in a car on a long ride home with a simple idea for a box with a cut out heart in the center, surrounded by “diamond sprinkles” (Oolery Jewelry Heart Box Necklace). It has since grown to an entire line of fine jewelry that isn’t afraid to come out of the jewelry box to play.

Design integrity and material quality are extremely important to the Oolery line. We manufacture locally in order to ensure that these core principles of Oolery Jewelry are always held to the highest standards. And so, all Oolery pieces are designed and manufactured in New York State—designed on paper and expert jewelers cast, hand-set, and finish each piece with care.

Oolery Jewelry is always being updated with new pieces that are filled with fun, irony, and randomly set “diamond sprinkles.” Check back often to see what’s new.